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She Delayed Her Retirement After Learning A Trick From The 'Baby Look-Alike'

When interviewed, Emile was asked about her inspiration behind her success:

“It was never my dream to make it into the big 4 fashion week shows.”

“Because I was always insecure and grew up with zero confidence.”

“That is, until I began an amazing journey throughout the Country of Youth.”

“And expanded my opportunities by aging backwards.”

– Emile

Little did anyone know, Emile’s story started out rough, she was born with a genetic disease called Cutis Laxa.

Her skin cells has lost its elasticity, causing deep folds that sag. It launched Emile forward in time ever since she was 12, and often mistaken as someone else’s 50-year-old mother.

“I had no idea my condition was genetic when I gave birth to Emile.”

“She was very jolly, and the brightest girl in class.”

“But she was always picked on, and robbed of her childhood.”

“Both of us wish nothing more than to simply look our age.”

– Paula, Emile’s mother

An Unfortunate History With The Sun

“Emile’s mom worked as a botanist doing research under the sun.”

“But it potentially exposed her skin cells to harmful UV rays.”

“Between facing computers and lab equipment’s blue light, her skin experienced cellular degeneration, harming her DNA.”

“I’ve been attending to both mother and daughter for years.”

“Even with over 22 years as a dermatologist treating various diseases, I was simply out of ideas on how to help them.”

“It’s a tough condition to suppress because there is no cure.”

“Every remedy that I’ve introduced had no effect on their skin.”

– Dr Christine

Dr Christine even suggested Emile go for a facelift at 16. But she reverted back to her old-looking self just after a year.

In the end, it caused her skin to sag even more!

Hope In The Country Of Youth

Emile lost all hope of living a youthful life, so she channeled all her focus into her studies as a history major, and earned herself a spot working at South Korea’s National Museum.

But when she returned from the Country of Youth, she made a full recovery!

It left Dr Christine absolutely puzzled yet intrigued, and couldn’t hold back asking Emile what she had done differently.

“When I first arrived, I was very conscious of how I looked.”

“Because everyone there looked decades younger than they should be.”

“Even their grandmothers have the freshest of faces.”

“It seems they’ve mastered the art of stopping time itself!”

– Emile

While Emile started working, she came across the Dongui Bogam, a book published by royal Korean physicians during the Joseon Dynasty.

Curious, Emile flipped through its contents only to find it contains all treatments and cure for Korean nobles centuries ago.

“The book is in the process of being transcribed and documented.”

“Even so, its discovery launched South Korean skincare and beauty standards forward.”

“By merging technology and traditional approaches to their benefit.”

“That’s why they’re living young and never age a day!”

– Emile

A Tradition That Transcends Time

Emile then showed Dr Christine a bundle of Ginseng herbs and said:

“According to the book, this was the key to getting my folds to unfold.”

“In ancient times, the royal physicians harvested 10-year-old Ginseng, and had a long process of washing, steaming, drying, and pickling them.”

“They were solely used by royal empresses as traditional cosmetics.”

“As their youth symbolizes status to stay in power beside their emperor.”

“Unfortunately, the entire process is very tedious and expensive.”

“As ginseng is a difficult herb to plant, and takes ages to harvest.”

“But I’d stick to it if it means stopping my skin from sagging.”

– Emile

Putting Her Hypothesis To The Test

Fascinated by Emile’s find, Dr Christine asked for samples of the Ginseng and reverse engineered its traditional components into a prototype.

Dr Christine then requested the help of 57-year-old volunteer Jenny, who had dry, wrinkly skin and deep eye lines for decades, and scanned her profilometric and dermal facial symmetry.

The extract was then applied onto her face and neck every day, and facial scans were taken again a month later. The end results Dr Christine’s experiment was barely believable!

“The eye lines have completely vanished from her face!”

“Her cheeks have tightened up, and moisture levels increased by 50%.”

“Overall, it seemed like Jenny here cut off 10 years off her age.”

“And note, this was only a trial run with a prototype.”

– Dr Christine

More Than Just An Ancient Herb

But that wasn’t the only discovery behind Dr Christine’s findings.

“The Ginseng extract contains an exquisite compound called Ginsenoside.”

“It’s a bioactive antioxidant capable of carrying out anti-aging mechanisms.”

“By neutralizing free radicals from UV rays and blue light, it restores loss connective tissues and collagen under the skin.”

“Which was the major cause of the sagging skin for Emile and her mom.”

“Many aren’t aware that the human body is constantly healing itself.”

“But it’s sad to say, industrialization and technology decreased its capabilities.”

“Which is why it’s important these findings reaches everyone.”

– Dr Christine

Stopping Time With Jinzwo™

With the help of renowned biochemists and dermatologists, Dr Christine enhanced the Ginseng with advance hydrodistillation, and created what’s known as Jinzwo™ today. 

Dr Christine explained the science behind it like this: 

“The skin consists of 3 layers: the outer, middle, and inner layer.”

“Normally, the cells on the outer layer are bonded tightly together, giving our skin its bounce, and protecting the layers beneath it.”

“But aging weakens this bond and the cells’ ability to hold its shape.”

“Resulting in thin, saggy skin that folds and create lines.”

“This is where Jinzwo™’s Ginseng extract comes into play.”

“It actively reduces oxidative stress on all 3 layers of the skin.”

“Starting with increasing blood circulation in the innermost layer.”

“Which fuels the middle layer to increase its cellular synthesis.”

“To regenerate healthy, new skin cells on the outermost layer’s surface.”

“This process exfoliates the skin with new cells at an efficacy rate of 85%!”

“All while preventing free radicals from damaging these fresh new skin cells.”

“Resulting in a springy, smooth skin surface that bounces back on touch!”

“Jinzwo™ also contains high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid.”

“That rehydrates the surface full of vitamins and essential minerals.”

“To keep the layers in its prime condition filled with elasticity.”

– Dr Christine

Redemption At Being Youthful Again

During clinical trials, Dr Christine wanted to get Emile’s verdict on it.

“It works 5 times quicker than the traditional method I’ve adopted.”

“My skin even stays smoother and plump for longer periods of time.”

“I can’t believe it’s way more cost efficient and convenient!”

– Emile

The miracle that is Jinzwo™ is the new hype in international cosmetic markets. As thousands of women of all ages flocked to the stores to try them, with 98.6% of feedback experiencing drastic epidermal improvement.

One of those users is none other than Emile’s mother herself!

“I’ve always blamed myself for everything Emile went through.”

“All that stress of course didn’t help my skin’s health at all.”

“But when I got Jinzwo™ and used it every day for a week.”

“I burst into happy tears, seeing only what I could imagine in the mirror.”

“My skin didn’t sag for the first time in 20 years.”

“I could finally see my cheeks rise as I smiled!”

“It was an impossible fantasy come true for both me and Emile.”

“I’m so glad for Dr Christine and Jinzwo™ for giving me hope again.”

– Paula

Since its arrival to shores, Jinzwo™ has been flying of the racks, and a reopening economy has been depleting its stocks fast! Right now, it’s only available on a first come, first served basis.

So join thousands of restful users in experiencing ageless skin. Turn your clock backwards and let your youth last forever.